Tank in Arizona– ADOPTED!!

For those of you following our beefy Tank on his journey, we have an update! Tank came to us late in 2020 with a ton of emotional issues. While we can’t share all of them due to client-therapist privilege, he said it’s ok to tell you that he has severe trust issues. When Tank doesn’t trust you, he lashes out in a not so nice way. And Tank trusts about as many people on this earth as he has spots on his fur (it’s not many). As you can imagine, doing something new for Tank (like going to the vet) is the most stressful of situations. Between lashing out and shaking from fear, he has a complete meltdown. You might think Tank’s story wouldn’t have a happy ending, but that’s where Lady Luck stepped in and threw Tank a “bone.” You see, when Tank joined the FBV family, he happened to go to one of our foster homes that is very savvy and experienced with behavior issues. And while Tank is one of the more extreme cases they have had, his foster parents understood where he was coming from. Over the last few months, they have been working with him so closely and have gotten him to a place that he is settled into their home and trusting of the people he lives with. After evaluating his background and situation, it was decided that for Tank’s sake, the best place for Tank is to stay where he is and make it his FURever home. No more new situations or new people is just fine by Tank—just look at that smile on his face. Please join us in wishing Tank the best in his new life and thanking his new parents for taking on this special case and giving him the life he so deserves!

Hello FBV followers!!! We would like everyone to meet Tank. He’s an 8-year-old boy being fostered in Arizona. He was surrendered for biting children in his previous home. He is healthy but is SUPER TIMID. His way of dealing with being scared is by lashing out in a not nice manner. He gives plenty of indication it is coming though as he puffs his cheeks right before growling and snapping.


With time and patience, his foster home is gaining his trust. They walk him a lot around their property to wear through some of his fear issues. It has been very sad for them to see him tremble, but thankfully the trembling dissipated quickly. It will be a slow and steady process for this little man, but he has a ton of potential. You can tell he’s a lover once trust is gained as he loves belly rubs and being pet by his foster parents.


He is eating and drinking well. He takes treats for good behavior and goes out for walks regularly to boost his confidence. We have high hopes for Tank improving in foster care and building a trusting relationship with his people.