Timmy in Kentucky– ADOPTED!!

Timmy has been adopted and by an amazing family! He has wonderful new parents, 3 human siblings, a doggie sibling and 2 guinea pigs to live with and love. His family already loves him tremendously, and his human siblings are completely spoiling him with attention. We are thrilled that he has joined such a fantastic family!


Timmy is a handsome 7-month-old Frenchie who was tearfully surrendered to FBV when his previous home was no longer able to meet his needs and feared the medical costs he could incur. Timmy has suspected cerebellar hypoplasia. He has seen a neurologist, and it was decided to at this time monitor the condition since it is mild. This condition does not get worse, but it also does not get better.


Due to his cerebellar hypoplasia, he is clumsy. Because of this clumsiness, Timmy took a spill while in foster care and broke his one leg. He is learning to reuse the leg and still has a limp, but the limp is getting better with time. Stairs in a forever home will need to be blocked until he gets the hang of them. He also will lean back when you go to pick him up so if he is on stairs you must ignore him, walk past and then grab him.


Timmy has some separation anxiety when left alone. He does not cry or whine, but he will poop in his crate even if he has just gone out. His foster home has been trying different techniques to help him cope. He seems to do better in an x-pen with a crate placed inside with the door of the crate off/open (he hates to just be in the crate). His foster family gives him something to chew on in his crate and leaves classical music on while gone...though he seems to like TV better, specifically Animal Planet. They have also started walking him short distances before leaving to tire him out. He is always placed in his pen in a calm manner, and he must be calm before coming out. He seems to be doing better with these techniques.


He is not housebroken....he has been slow to learn to potty outside. His foster mom thinks as he gets older, it will be easier for him to get the hang of it. He was in a cast for 8 weeks, so housebreaking was a challenge at that time. He does not give clues that he needs to potty; he will just go...you must watch him closely and take him out regularly.


Timmy does not require a person who will be home with him all day or a midday visit, but he would prefer it. He also would prefer an adoptive home with a fenced yard. He is leash trained and knows the command “sit.” He loves to play and go for short walks, but his energy level is on the low side. He enjoys cuddling on laps or on the couch. He loves toys, especially if they crinkle or squeak, and chewing on bones or Whimzees.


He gets along with just about anybody. He has not met a dog so far that he has not gotten along with...he is a pretty laid-back guy. He loves being with his people and will follow you everywhere. He loves his toys and to watch him play makes his foster family smile. He will run around and shake them. He also falls over when he scratches his neck likely due to his cerebellar hypoplasia.


Here is a list of some things Timmy would love in his forever home:


  1. Children and other dogs
  2. To sleep in bed with someone
  3. Cuddle and play time
  4. To go on walks


Timmy needs a family who will be understanding of his cerebellar hypoplasia, be diligent if there are ever any changes in his health and continue to work on his house training and easing his separation anxiety. He needs a home where there will be watchful eyes on him to protect him. Timmy is a very sweet, loving boy. He has the biggest heart and needs a family with just as big of a heart as his. If you are that family, please apply.