Tinkerbell in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Tinkerbell has been adopted by a lovely couple who has blind dog experience. They have had two blind pugs in the past with one of them sadly passing away recently. They are beyond ecstatic to bring Tink into their home. Tink is settling in well and is already very loved. We couldn’t be happier for Tinkerbell and her new pawrents!


Do you believe in love at first sight? Despite Tinkerbell being blind, she sure does! She is ready for the perfect match!


Tinkerbell came to us with a severely broken back leg; we thought she may need surgery, so we consulted with an orthopedic surgeon. To our surprise, the examination showed she would not need the surgery! We were thrilled for Tink! For several weeks, her foster family brought her into the vet for bandage changes and check-ups. After weeks of that and strict crate rest, Tinkerbell was given her freedom to explore the rest of the home.


Tinkerbell was born blind (she has bilateral microphthalmia). This is a congenital defect that cannot be cured and Tink will be blind for life (you can read more here: https://www.petcoach.co/dog/condition/microphthalmia/). Tinkerbell also has a mild heart murmur; however, her veterinary team believes she will grow out of this, and it will not be a cause for concern in her future.


Though Tinkerbell has faced a lot in her short life, she does not let anything hold her back. She is as active as any other 9- month-old puppy and loves to play with her people and toys. She is enthusiastic and looooooooooooves her food and toys. That being said… she does resource guard her food. She is known to be aggressive with other dogs near her meals. Tinkerbell has shown she enjoys playing with other dogs, but unfortunately due to her blindness, she quickly becomes overwhelmed and can lash out. Her foster family has worked with a trainer on this issue, but we feel that she would be suited best as the only dog in her home.


Tiny Tink is super sweet and knows how to give a good snuggle. She will crawl up on you, place her face against yours and sniff you… it seems to give her a sense of calm and she can rest happily. When she’s ready to play, she will jump and bounce around to let you know it, and no one can resist her! She is almost house-trained and has been alerting her foster family by going to the back door.


Due to her lack of vision, Tinkerbell needs a very special home. She needs someone who is willing to work with her through her insecurities and create a safe haven for her to grow up in. There will be setbacks for sure, but Tinkerbell has shown she can take them in stride, so we are looking for a family who is just as resilient as she is! Her ideal home would have little to no stairs and a fenced in yard. It’s important for a blind dog to be completely familiar with their surroundings in order to keep them safe. We know Tinkerbell is going to be a pup who needs a very specific home, but we believe it is out there! There’s a perfect matching family for every single rescue dog.