Toots in North Carolina– ADOPTED!!

Toots has been adopted!! She has a fantastic new family to call her own. She now lives with her forever mom, dad, human sister and doggie brother. We are so excited for Toots…she is home!

Our sweet little Tootsie girl is now available for adoption! Toots was surrendered when her owner could not afford her expensive vet care. In an effort to be bred by her original owner, she was artificially inseminated with a glass tube, and it caused a perforation to her bladder, ureter, and left kidney. This caused a massive infection that went unnoticed and nearly took her life. Toots had costly life-saving surgery to remove all her infected reproductive organs, left kidney, and part of her bladder. 


Because of the removal of part of her bladder, Toots must be let outside often. She also will probably dribble urine for the rest of her life. She is on Proin for her leaky bladder three times a day.


Tootsie gets along with dogs of all sizes. She also loves all people. She is a sneaky little girl though. She chews, loves shredding her stuffies, and will eat just about anything outside…plants and mulch included. She MUST be watched when she goes outside. She enjoys snuggle time and loves to play fetch too.


She would do well in a variety of homes but prefers a home with a fence so she can run zoomies around the yard. Another dog for her to play with would be a nice perk as well. Toots’ new home should also have access to good veterinary care -- possibly be located close to an internal vet just in case she has any medical issues down the road.


Tootsie has been through a great deal in her short life. It is a miracle that she survived her ordeal and healed as well as she has. She deserves to never want for anything ever again.