Tucker in New Jersey

We are thrilled to have had Tucker join the FBV family! He is a 5-year-old boy who has a laundry list of ailments. His family lovingly surrendered him when they realized that they were not able to continue to meet his needs.


Tucker came to us experiencing excessive drooling. The vets believe he may have had a stroke that has caused his tongue to hang out to one side of his mouth and has led him to have a wobbly gait. He also has regurgitation issues, so we are working on trying to find the right food for this little guy. The problem is that he also has a malformed jaw that will only allow him to open his mouth around 2 cm. This makes feeding and medicating him a challenge. It is also contributing to his low weight.


He suffers from terrible brachycephalic airway syndrome, but surgery is incredibly risky because his mouth cannot be opened very wide, and specialists would not be able to fully see his palate and saccules. He also is suspected of having focal seizures. He has been to see a Neurologist and is waiting on an MRI for further evaluation.


Through all of his medical issues, Tucker is a happy, bubbly guy who LOVES to be around people and other dogs. He loves to be snuggled and pet. He has been on an adventure to the pet store with his foster mom to pick up some toys, and he had a blast! His foster mom has found a way to help him eat better using a Fluff Trough. He gets smaller meals and is hand fed regularly.


Tucker is feisty and sweet. He is currently not in any pain and has quite a fight inside of him. As long as he is happy and pain free, it is our honor to provide him with the medical care he needs. Please follow our social media pages for updates on this special boy!

We greatly appreciate any and all donations to help with Tucker's ongoing care!

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