Tulip in North Carolina- ADOPTED!!

Tulip has been adopted by an awesome new mom! She also has two new doggie siblings with whom to cuddle and play. She is certain to live the life of a princess and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This sweet girl deserves all the best in life. Congratulations to Tulip and her forever family!

Tulip is a medium energy, young girl at only 3 years old. She came to FBV when her owner passed away. She must have been a sheltered girl in her previous home because she thinks anything new is out to do her in, so she throws her share of obscenities at the stuff. Strange people, a full moon, a plastic bag...all fall into this scary category so Miss Tulip needs encouragement when meeting new things.


She will bark at new people who are a ways off but when they come into the house where she can meet them, she is all loves. If she meets people through a fence and they don’t pet her, she will cuss them out. Can’t blame her…she deserves pettin’.


Tulip doesn’t like other pets around her food bowl and will give a correction to scoot them on their way. It would be best to feed her separately, or the other pets in the home will need to be taught to respect her space. She doesn’t care for large dogs so her new home must have no large dogs, and she will need slow introductions to resident small dogs. She likely will be fine with cats but will bark at them until she decides they are not part of doomsday. Tulip loves everyone she meets, walks well on leash, and tolerates car rides.


She is a goofy character who loves to play and will keep you laughing. Not to mention the loopy ear is just too cute. Tulip has the best wiggle when she plays, and her favorite thing of all time is playing with her people. She bows and wiggles so much she could be a contortionist.


She is not house broken. She was paper-trained for the first 3 years of her life, so she would be ideal for a paper-trained household. Tulip didn’t like grass at first, but she has come to be okay with going potty in the grass. Although if she can find a patio, she prefers that. She tends to pee a couple times before her bladder is empty. It almost seems like she is marking. Not usual for females, but her vet has seen it before. A constant watchful eye and strict schedule will be needed to keep her progressing towards housebreaking if paper training is not for you.


Tulip also has mild allergies. She will need to be watched for ear issues and chewing of her paws. Her only current maintenance is a weekly ear wash. She will also need her face folds cleaned regularly to keep irritation at bay.