Twyla Belle in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Meet Twyla Belle! This adorable French Bulldog is a unique gem waiting to find her forever home. 


Twyla is a young female who is deaf, but that doesn't dampen her spirit in the slightest! She's a true adventurer, sniffing out every nook and cranny with her adorable waddle. 


She's had quite the journey already and underwent a vulvoplasty during her time in foster care, showing her resilience and strength. She's now spayed as well and ready to embrace her new family with open paws! 


This little nugget has captured everyone's hearts with her sweet nature. She's good with children and indifferent to the cat in her foster home. She is also good with dogs (however, she may do better with a male doggie sibling in her new home). She has shown some resource guarding with the resident dogs over her bones and bed but is easily redirected. She is quite the hoarder of bones and will take them out of the toy bin and to her bed or favorite spot of the day. There has been no resource guarding with food, but she does eat separately from the other dogs to allow her to take her time to eat (she can be picky when it comes to food).


While she's mostly potty trained and crate-trained, Twyla is still working on some basic training. Don't worry, though; she's got all the potential to become the best-behaved pup in the pack! Her foster parents are amazed by how quickly she's caught on to hand signs.


Oh, and did we mention her nominations? Twyla has been dubbed the "Best Wombat Pig in all the land" by her vet because of her adorable waddle and soft velvety fur! 


Twyla's a total joy, and once she's comfortable, she'll be your shadow, following you wherever you go. She's a couch potato most of the time but enjoys occasional yard sniffing and zoomies for extra fun! A home with a fenced yard would be best as Twyla is still not very comfortable on a harness and leash. She will require some patience and continued training to become more used to both.


Twyla has a heart of gold and is very tolerant of affection. Baths and face cleanings might not be her favorite things, but she puts up with them like a true champ!


Though she may be a bit anxious in new places and occasionally bark when separated from her loved ones (she has shown mild separation anxiety), with some time and patience, she'll surely become more confident and at ease. However, she would really love a home where someone is home most of the day with her as being with her people is her absolute favorite!


So, if you're looking for a furry companion who's full of love, charm, and unique waddle moves, look no further! Twyla Belle is ready to steal your heart and make you smile every day. Don't wait; she's paw-sitively perfect!  #AdoptTwyla #RescueFrenchie #WombatPigLove