Update on Alum Big Bear “JJ”

Check out this great update we received from the forever family of Big Bear “JJ”!!


“Hi all, this is Big Bear "JJ" checking in. In the past year, he's gotten to be known by name by everyone in the neighborhood. He's great at making new friends. JJ loves to "hug and snug" and harass his cohort "Monkey" who's pictured below. We've also discovered that JJ is very vocal especially at strange dogs (He really thinks he's a big bear). If you're not watching him, you'll find him sniffing out a good treat on the dinner table like the loveable stinker that he is. Truth be told is we spoil him and love him very much! Talk to you next year! Woof!”


Yay for JJ!! We are so happy he has found such an amazing home. He obviously is very loved and has no trouble making new friends wherever he goes!