Update on Ellie (formerly Tammy)

Tennis Anyone?


Ellie is one happy girl who can’t get enough of playtime and being silly. She loves her toys and her new family. Her fur-ever mom writes, “It‘s been almost two years since this sassy little girl came into our lives. And it’s like she’s always been here, she’s the perfect fit. She’s full of personality and ridiculously cute faces. She loves chasing her giant tennis ball in the yard - so much that we have to take it away because she has no sense when she’s over doing it. She is our little Frenchie potato and we completely adore her and still can’t believe we are lucky enough to call her ours.”


Ellie tries to help make the beds by stealing the blankets! Her family loves to see her run and play after such a rough start in life with a broken leg. Her mom says she is the happiest Frenchie and nothing bothers her, except cardboard boxes! Mom promises to give us that story another day.