Update on Ollie (FKA Brixton)!

We got this amazing update on our former foster Brixton from his furever family. “Ollie (FKA Brixton) has been with us for just 8 months now and in that time, we have fallen head over heels for him. In that time, he has not been shy about making himself completely at home and asking for all the snacks. He LOVES playing fetch in the backyard, snuggling with his big brother big dog Loki, and sun bathing by the front door. While with us, Ollie has learned to take turns while playing fetch/ playing with toys/ balls and appropriately get affection from his hoomans. He has learned the drop/leave it command as well as the stay command. He has also learned to not steal a toy when his brother dog is playing with it and finds a new toy to play with in the meantime. With us, he has celebrated his first Christmas, first birthday, and first trip to the beach! He is currently learning to walk more appropriately on a leash and is getting better every day! He is the perfect fit.” We are so thankful to see Ollie doing so well in his home. Happy life Ollie!