Vader in Pennsylvania— ADOPTED!

Vader has been adopted! He has an awesome new mom, dad, 2 kittie siblings and 1 doggie sibling. He is getting along well with his doggie sibling and is already very loved by his forever parents. We are so excited for this amazing new family!

Looking for a best friend that can melt you with his eyes.  Meet our handsome Vader.  He is a 3-year-old happy go lucky brindle male around 22lbs. 


He was surrendered to FBV due to not getting along with the other male dog in his household.  There was also a female dog in the house and apparently, they got along fine.  However, it is recommended that if you have a female dog that she has a submissive personality and that she is on the smaller side. Vader may also be dog selective so he would do best as an only dog. He does well with men, women and older children.  Vader is very calm; he loves everyone that he meets and is very gentle with all humans.


Vader is an active dog. He loves to play and is always ready to fetch his ball. Vader is a fan of toys, but he is a chewer so he will destroy them almost immediately; he needs very strong toys. If everyone at home is busy working or doing school, he will sleep next to you or stay calm until someone is available to play with him. He loves to go for walks; however, he tires fairly quickly. For this reason, short daily strolls around the neighborhood would be best for him. He is housebroken but sometimes will piddle when excited. Vader is crate and leash trained. There are 3 magic words in his foster house…CHEESE, COOKIE, AND OUT (“You wanna go out?”); every time he hears one of them, he will come running!


Vader has stomach issues, so he regurgitates. He eats wet food and just recently was given some medication to help him with his nausea and vomiting. He takes the medication twice a day. Per his vet, Vader most likely will use this medication for life. Vader can eat by himself, but it must be portioned out. His foster family also figured out that he does better when he is hand-fed. He is fed 3 times a day in a slow feed bowl or by hand.


Vader also has skin allergies. They flare up from time to time, and when they do, he gets medicated baths for a couple of weeks to clear them up. His foster family also uses a soothing spray on his coat.


Vader needs a home with someone who is very patient and understands that feeding time can take 10-15 minutes, maybe more. Currently, he is being fed 3 times a day, but it can be adjusted per his new home’s schedule. He should get at least a midday potty break; he can hold it but then as soon as you come home, he gets so excited that he pees. He really loves being with his people.


Vader will melt your heart just by looking at you. He is such a sweet, relaxed, loving and well-behaved dog. From the moment he wakes up and gets out of his crate, he is just happy and looking for some love. He doesn’t need a very active home, but he does need someone that can give him attention. He is not needy…he just likes to have someone around and is very grateful for all the love he receives.