Violette in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Violette has found her forever! She has an awesome new mom and is an only dog. Her mom has had dogs her whole life and has experience with Frenchies and rescue dogs. Her new mom also works from home so Violette will have company throughout the workday. We are super thrilled for Violette and her mom. We know that they are going to make many wonderful memories together!

Violette is looking for her forever family! She is 3.5 years old and healthy other than allergies which she takes Apoquel for daily. She lives with other dogs and cats in her foster home and gets along well with them except for some slight aggression toward her Frenchie foster sister over high value treats and not being the center of attention. A short time out works to help her regain her composure. She has only interacted with children on neutral territory but was fine with them as well.


Violette is a high energy dog who equally loves long walks and cuddling with her human. She can be on the dominant side but is by far the smartest Frenchie her foster mom has fostered to this date. She enjoys cuddling with the resident dogs and for the most part gets along with them nicely but would also thrive as an only dog who gets 100% of the attention and snuggles. She absolutely loves being with her human and being the center of attention.


She would prefer a fenced yard at her forever home, but it is not required as she loves long walks (she easily can handle walking a few miles at a time in cool weather) and meeting other dogs and people while out on adventures. She is only partially housebroken but is improving every day. She is great at going outside first thing in the morning but if not carefully watched, will have accidents in the house throughout the day. A schedule and positive reinforcement will help her to continue to improve in her forever home.


Violette is crate trained and leash trained. While she does not require someone to be home all day with her or even a midday visit, she would especially love it to help her be more successful with her house training. She also is used to having someone home with her during the day in her foster home and can often be found chilling in her foster mom’s lap while she works from home.


She loves toys…especially those from BarkBox. She definitely would love it if her new family got her a subscription! She also loves to chew on antlers. She will carry around her favorite toy of the day to show her humans and loves to race around the house when coming in from outdoors.


Violette is a very, very sweet, beautiful and smart girl. She has so much joy and gratefulness to share with a new family and deserves to be a loved best friend for the rest of her life. If you show her love and attention, she will show even more back to you!