Vivian in Texas- ADOPTED!

Va-Va-Voom! The Brindle Bombshell is in the room!...


Vivian is a smooshy-faced love nugget! She just turned 3 in July and weighs a curvy 32 pounds! She’s a showstopper when it comes to looks and one that would make a sailor blush when it comes to her “love level!” A-Hoy, Sailor!


Vivian not only is pretty, she is potty trained. 100% potty trained! You read that right.
Vivian is a curious gal. She likes to know where you are and receive kisses on her smooshy-face.


As if this isn't too much to handle so far, this Devine Diva loves to dive into a good bath! She LOVES getting a bath. I mean lovessss a bath. She’s swell with getting her face folds cleaned and tolerates her ears being cleaned. She’s had a history of ear infections, but she’s tolerated her treatments and seems to be back to her marvelous self! One thing this girl does hate, though, is having her nails trimmed. Yikes….it is not an easy task and may need to be left up to vet staff.


Vivian loves walks and does great in her new harness. She will only pull on your heart strings, not the leash. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the neighborhood animals either.


This comely Lass can be a bit shy at first but that only lasts about two bats of an eyelash. Once she’s comfortable, her favorite thing to do is take a nap. She usually sleeps on the floor so she can stretch out. She may sleep across you, on top of you, on top of her foster dog brothers… basically if she’s tired, any spot will do.


Oh, and if you want to take her for a spin in the car, she is always up for that! She settles right in. She doesn’t mind a crate but obviously prefers to be around people. Any person will do. Small ones, big ones, boy ones or girl ones. She’s a crowd pleaser.


She also snores. No, we mean SNORES!!!!


She likes to chase tennis balls and watch you retrieve and toss in the opposite direction. She likes toys and her daily yogurt treats. She was lovingly surrendered when the older resident dog decided she was too much of a good thing.


This sultry socialite needs to have a fenced in yard because she’s never met a stranger and will go wherever her little heart takes her (or curious nose, or where she sees people).


If you think you can handle the crowd stares, endless requests to pet her, kisses, and deep eye stares from her, then what are you waiting for! Don’t let the ship sail without her! Let’s crack a bottle of champagne and let this love boat sail!