Wednesday in North Carolina- ADOPTED!!

Wednesday was adopted by an amazing family. She has an awesome new mom and dad as well as a cool new human brother. She also has two doggie siblings and one kittie sister. Her forever home has a fenced yard, so she is enjoying getting to be out in the yard sunning and playing with the other dogs. Her family is also not new to rescuing, which is great for Wednesday as they are familiar with some of the issues that can come with rescue pups. We are certain that Wednesday has found her perfect forever home, and we couldn’t be happier!


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. No need to adjust your glasses. I’M AVAILABLE!


My name is Wednesday Addams but that’s too hard for me to write my autograph on my pictures, so I simply go by Winnie.


I’m just beginning my career (I’m sure to be a star in your family!!), so my resume isn’t that long but it’s a good one - keep reading!


I say I’m just starting my career because I AM ONLY 10 MONTHS OLD! Being a rising star, I’ve already learned so much about being the diva I’m meant to be.


I’ve learned that I’m not a fan of going outside when it rains or when it’s cold. I will simply sit at the door and refuse to go out. Nope. Not gonna do it. So you should probably keep your eye on me at all times because I’m a puppy and will go inside the house. But I’m a quick learner and will just need your guidance in teaching me proper potty techniques and how to hit the cues! I have learned that when I potty outside, I get a treat. I pretend this is an Academy Award or a Tony.


To stay in shape, I often do what we call Zoomies. I hear it’s all the rage. Those are sooooo much fun! It would be fun to have a fenced in yard to do those in. I’d feel like a star in my big fancy house.


I like ALL my fans. Human fans. Animal fans. You name it. That being said…I am new to this being famous thing, so I sometimes have an issue with jumping on the wee little humans. They’re just so cute and I get so excited. I am working on my craft and trying to control myself.


I also get excited with my foster fur siblings. I’ll lick them when I get excited. They’ll “remind” me that I’m new to the biz and need to learn my place. I get it. I get it…eventually anyway.


I collect toys (like my future awards). I don’t really do anything with them, but I like to have them.


So, as part of the voting members, please consider my potential and give me the leading role in your family. It’s sure to be the role I was born to play!