Willie in Iowa- ADOPTED!!

Willie has been adopted by an amazing family! He has an awesome new mom and dad, as well as two human siblings and a doggie brother. Willie is the family’s third adopted Frenchie, so they are knowledgeable on the health and behavior issues of the breed. The family is already so in love with sweet Willie. We couldn’t be happier for him for finding his forever!


Have you been looking for a distinguished gentleman to come and sweep you off your feet? Look no further! Willie is here to sweep you away. He is a 4-year-old gentleman who was surrendered to the rescue due to a family member's allergies. Willie is a happy, sweet boy but has some allergies of his own, like a typical Frenchie.


Willie's ideal forever home has many possibilities as he is everybody’s friend. He does well with all people and loves other dogs, whether it’s playing or just cuddling with them. He is laid back and shares his toys and food without issue. However, his behavior around cats and small animals is unknown. He enjoys following his humans around all day and loves a good nap, so a home where he can do these things would be his preference.


He can be a bit lazy at times preferring to nap in the sun and loves the highest level of softness to snuggle on…could be a blanket on the floor, the couch, or even your stomach…no matter what it is, he will find it. He does get some bursts of energy where he enjoys playing or going on a short walk. He also loves being the center of attention (and with that face, he gets plenty of it).


Willie loves to play the game where he wants you to catch him. In his foster home, he will wait at the top of the stairs and when you get to the top, he will bolt away as if to say, "Haha! You can't catch me.” He will come back to continue the game for as long as you let him. 


Willie really is the perfect pet. He is the perfect mix of playing, sleeping, cuddles and loyalty. He is housebroken, crate trained (but prefers not to be crated), leash trained (so a fenced yard is not required but Willie sure wouldn’t mind one), a great car rider, and an overall friendly dog. Sunbathing, cuddling, and snoring are his specialties!


He is in the prime of his life and deserves a family who will offer him many more years of couch cuddles and chin scratches.