Your forever in our hearts, Ziggy

Some devastating news regarding Ziggy…


There was a tragic accident where Ziggy followed his foster mom outside near her pool. He fell in, sunk to the bottom and drowned. It happened in a split second. She immediately dove in after him and performed CPR. Unfortunately, he passed away instantly.


We are all completely devastated. His foster mother is guilt ridden and feels an immense amount of shame. His foster mother loved him immensely. She had diligently been working on

getting this old man back to health. She poured her heart into caring for him. One moment of relaxed judgment, one misstep, one second has created tragedy. She knows this.


It is so important to remember that Frenchies notoriously are not strong swimmers. Their bone structure, stature, and breathing issues make swimming difficult. Even if they can swim (many just sink) they will get very tired, very quickly.


Frenchies should never be around your pool unless they are supervised at ALL times with a life vest. Drownings can happen to anyone with water nearby, even incredibly experienced Frenchie owners.  Accidents can happen and do happen.


So, we beg you, please make sure you’re taking precautions always, being diligent about safety practices and watching your pets at all times.  And please remember Ziggy, his growth, his happiness while with FBV, and how much joy he had.


We are sorry this happened, Ziggy. We all loved you. RIP sweet man.


Ziggy is a senior guy who came to FBV yesterday. He was surrendered to a vet office because the vet had refused to euthanize him as the owner had requested. The vet reached out to rescue to get him the care he needed and to help find him a forever home.


Ziggy is currently staying outside of Philadelphia. He is not neutered, has demodex mange and severe arthritis in his front limbs which is causing lameness of his front left leg. He also will need removal of his left eye that is damaged from severe glaucoma.


He saw the vet today and was given a Cytopoint injection and some prednisone. After the steroids, he will start treatment for the mange. He also will have more radiographs tomorrow to evaluate his shoulders and spine and will be scheduled for an enucleation and neuter.


He is a very sweet boy and is quite the talker!