Zipper in Georgia– ADOPTED!!

Zipper, now Bruin, has been adopted by an awesome new mom! She works from home so gets to spend a ton of time with her and her cool new doggie brother, Boston. Her new mama has experience handling rescue dogs as she volunteers with her local Humane Society, but Zipper is her first Frenchie. She couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her into her home as it was love at first sight when she saw Zipper. We are so happy for this new family who we know will share many wonderful memories together!

Zipper is ready to find her furever----are you it!! She is a 5-year-old little lady who has earned herself a couple nicknames…Zee and Miss Piggy…while in foster care.


She suffers from dry eye and has sensitive skin. She is currently on Optimmune eye ointment, but the vet said over the counter GenTeal, which has a cheaper price tag than Optimmune, is good too. Zipper’s foster family has also been using Duoxo antimicrobial shampoo to help her skin.


Zipper is housebroken but has a schedule that her foster home has established. She will not go to the door to be let out so that is why they have the schedule. It works amazingly for them. Given her schedule for pottying, Zipper requires someone who is home all day with her, can bring her to work, or someone who works outside the home but can provide her with a mid-day potty break. She is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She is also leash trained and knows the commands “stay” and “come.”


Zee has shown no aggression whatsoever while with FBV. She, however, is not so interested in men. She is starting to warm up to her foster dad, but it is her foster mom who she really loves. She follows foster mom everywhere…she is definitely a woman’s dog! She has been around a 7-year-old child but was not very social with her. She would do best with older, dog savvy kids. She is fine cohabitating with the resident dogs and cats, but she is not playful with them. The resident dogs are older though and not very playful either.


She is quite the couch potato, but she does have bursts of energy where she likes to be chased and play hide and seek (you hide, and she will find you…she surprises her foster mom every time with how good she is at this game). She also gets the zoomies after breakfast and right before bedtime. She would prefer a fenced yard as she loves to find just the right spot to do her business. In her foster home’s yard, she prefers to potty in the rocks as she doesn’t seem to care too much for the grass.


Zipper mostly likes to sleep, eat and snuggle with her person. However, she does have a ball and porcupine toy that she will play with every now and again. She does awesome in the car and has traveled a lot while with her foster family. She actually knows which car is theirs and will go to it.


She is the most loving dog that is not high maintenance at all. She just wants to love and be loved. She is really starting to come out of her shell and so will need to be nurtured and shown lots of love and patience. The person who adopts this cutie is going to be so lucky!