RIP Alum Chauncey

The Village was devastated to hear that Alum Chauncey crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Here is a beautiful memorial tribute his forever mom wrote:

“I sat for hours dreading writing this. I write a lot of these for our past Alum and with each one, I mourn for their families. The pain each family experiences when we lose our best friend; truly cannot be put into words, especially one like Chauncey.

Chauncey aka the Ole Man came to me back in August and from the moment; I picked him up our souls connected. “Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same.” We made the decision to adopt Chauncey and let him live out the rest of life in a loving environment. Yes, I fostered failed and it was completely worth it! He added to my life, his wisdom and willingness to conquer everything that came his way amazed me. He understood things I simply could not and somehow took on the role of teaching us life is better than we could ever imagine. His piercing eyes could tell you a million things with one deep gazing look. His beautiful smile would melt your heart in an instance. He taught me the essence of love. We were very fortunate to be able to celebrate Chauncey’s 12th birthday in December. We thanked our lucky stars because he seemed healthy other than the normal 12 yr old stuff. In February Chauncey was diagnosed with pancreatitis, we started meds and he got better. We noticed right after this; Chauncey was having issues breathing after multiple trips to the vet and a ton of meds we learned Chauncey had a large mass on his larynx. We spoke with the specialist and with his age and the already decreased functions of his lungs it was not a good idea to put him under to do further testing. We all decided pain management would be the best. We started pain meds and they seemed to help for a bit but then his body simply could not keep up. We knew it was time, so we painfully said our tearful goodbyes and let our Ole Man cross the bridge peacefully.

His selfless spirit captured the hearts of everyone who met him and I am beyond lucky to have been part of his fan base.”

Dec 5,2005-March 21,2018